Northeast Gutters

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Q)  How are Northeast Gutters installed on my house?

A)  Most gutters are installed using hidden bar hangers, also called Canadian bar hangers.  These hangers snap into the top of the gutter and are then screwed into the fascia boards.  These hangers are installed every 12" and can only be seen when looking down on the gutter.  Some older homes have sloped fascia or crown molding, in this situation the gutter is hung from the roof with roof hangers.  Roof hangers are installed over the shingles and spaced every 20".

Q)  My trim is not white - do you have a color to match?

A)  We have over 20 colors to chose from, it is usually easy to find a perfect match or accent color.

Q)  Why do I need gutters on my house?

A)  Gutters perform many functions, these include moving water away from house foundations, stopping the constant splashing off decks and steps that cause doors and thresholds to rot, they help eliminate the buildup of ice on steps, driveways and walkways, and they can stop damage to landscaping and patios.

Q)  What about winter? 

A)  We design and install our gutters to withstand the fiercest winter conditions.  When you use the best materials with quality workmanship you have a gutter system that will last years.  We're so confident we warranty all work for 10 years labor and materials, so you don't have to worry about winter damage.

Q)  Do gutters cause ice dams?

A)  No, ice daming occurs when snow melts on the roof in temperatures below 30 degrees.  This snow melt runs down to the eaves that is no longer over the relatively warmer roof.  This water then refreezes along the eave causing ice dams and icicles to form. 

Q)  How many downspouts do I need?

A)  Generally 1 downspout is needed for the first 40' of roof.  Other factors come into play such as the surface area of the roof to be guttered and the desirability of downspout locations.

Q)  Will a Northeast Gutter leak between the back of the gutter and my fascia boards?

A)  No, we seal the back of all gutters with silicone.  This keeps all the water in your gutters and not behind them.

Q)  Are covers available to keep out leaves and debris?

A)  Yes, we sell "Leaf Relief" gutter guards.  This is a quality product that is very effective against leaves and pine needles.
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